Top Posts 2020

As the year comes to a close I wanted to share my most popular posts and and styles for the year.

Top Posts 2020

  1. Sneak Attack Sneakers were a big trend this year especially the above New Balance 990.
  2. Let’s Talk Beauty My interview with Beauty Guru Jana Mandell and all her favorite products.
  3. Let’s Get Cozy We all got extra cozy this year in our sweat sets.
  4. Rachel The trendy new bag BY FAR.
  5. Julesee Sweater

Top Recipes

  1. Hasselback Potatoes
  2. Orzo Pesto
  3. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  4. Pizza Party

The most popular item on the blog this year was the loose Stay at Home dress by Natalie Martin, Christy Dawn, and Mes Filles. Here’s to getting more dressed up next year!



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