Background: When I was 18 years old I moved to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a student, I started working at the original flagship Kate Spade Boutique on Broome Street in Soho. I then went on to work in Kate Spade’s sourcing and product development department. I was there to see Kate Spade go from a start-up to a global accessories powerhouse. After Kate Spade I went on to the fashion retailer The Gap where I worked in pre-production focusing on Women’s and Kids Denim. I spent time traveling to the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and global offices overseas. After many years in New York City we decided to move out west and settled in Los Angeles to raise our family. In 2018, I launched Julesee.com a fashion and lifestyle blog. It’s been an amazing platform for me to share my love of fashion, cooking, travel, art, and the outdoors with all my followers. 

Daily Ritual: Every morning starts with English Breakfast tea, writing my daily blog, and midmorning Matcha tea.

Hobbies: Tennis, yoga, and hiking.

Favorite way to unplug: Long walks in my neighborhood.

Favorite scent: Le Labo Bergamotte 22.

All time favorite Outfit: Saint James nautical stripe top, jeans, Gucci loafers, monogram necklace, and signet ring.