Feminine Floral

Amanda Jones Vaughan and JJ Martin are both modeling Feminine Floral dresses by Borgo de Nor (30% off) and La Double J (below) that I love! In addition to the dresses I also like the above Jan Win heart necklace and stackable gold cuffs (very chic). Staying on the topic of jewelry, my friends and I were talking about how amazing Dorsey’s lab grown diamonds are especially the most coveted tennis necklace & bracelet (a good Mother’s Day treat) that made her line famous. Why spend all that money when the lab grown look so good! Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.



Floral Frock

Floral Dress Round-Up

  1. Mille Olympia Summer Garden Dress
  2. D’Ascoli Pink Lotus Belted Dress
  3. Christy Dawn Katrina Dress
  4. Doen Victoire Dress
  5. Ulla Johnson Adele Cotton Mini
  6. Borgo de Nor Loulou Dress
  7. La Ligne Amy Dress
  8. Xirena Larkyn Dress
  9. Loeffler Randall Chichi Tiered Dress
  10. Banjanan Oriorn Dress
  11. H&M Cotton Drawstring Dress
  12. Hunter Bell Palmer Dress