How it’s Dunn


London based Juliet Dunn designs bohemian dresses, skirts, and caftans inspired by the colors and fabrics of India. These easy to wear styles will have you looking glamorous at the beach and on the streets.

  1. Mirror Embroidered Ruffle Dress Matches Fashion, $303 New customers receive 15% off their first order.
  2. Floral Print Cotton Wrap Matches Fashion, $234.
  3. Cotton Tribal Jumpsuit Shopbop, $295 dress version click here.
  4. Botanical Print Skirt Matches Fashion, $160 dress version click here.
  5. Tie Shoulder Dress Shopbop, $310. (not pictured above)
  6. Antolina Biagia Mules Shopbop, $495 Boho mules to go with the boho beach wear. Look for less click here.

Check out the full collection at Matches Fashion and Shopbop.

Photo: Poppy Delevingne in Juliet Dunn

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