Custom Made

I stopped by the Westfield Holiday Marketplace yesterday and stumbled upon a cool jewelry line called Tiary. I started chatting with the co-founder Suzanne Farb (who comes from a family of jewelers) and enjoyed learning about her online jewelry company.  I love the concept! You can customize each piece of jewelry on the site. Everything is made to order from ethically sourced stones and materials in the USA. You can choose from real gems, simulated gems, and pick the specific type of gold ( 10k, 14k, 18k, or silver). You can find a gift at any price range. If you order in the next two days you can get it in time for the holidays. Some of my favorite pieces below.

  1. Let Their Be Love Ring
  2. Open Love Letters Initial Ring
  3. Aura Stacked Pave Ring
  4. Let’s Never Drift Bracelet¬†& Ring
  5. Hang Loose Ring
  6. Autograph Pave Necklace
  7. Love Initial Necklace 

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