Teen Takeover

Having two teen girls in the house I’m kept up to speed on current trends (especially workout gear). Today’s post was inspired by my older daughter who informed me that Amazon has amazing Alo and Lululemon look for less workout gear. I was so impressed by the fit, comfort, and price!

  1. Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants Amazon, $29.99. Pants in the above picture and I wore the same size as my Alo’s.
  2. CRZ Yoga High Waisted Yoga Pant Amazon, $29.99. Also like these.
  3. Bestisun Yoga Crop Top Muscle Tee Amazon, $14.99.
  4. CRZ Yoga Sports Bra Amazon, $20.
  5. CRZ Seamless Running Shirt Amazon, $24.

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