Let’s Get Organized

This past month I’ve been doing a lot of purging and organizing at home. I thought it would be nice to connect with an expert in the field and hear her thoughts on keeping organized during this unique time at home. I connected with organizing guru¬†Amy Suddleson / Lifestyle Organizer & Designer. Since 2008, Amy Suddleson has been a leader in lifestyle organizing and design. Amy has provided full service home organization, transforming spaces with her creative, functional and maintainable strategies paired with her stylish visual aesthetic.

Julie: Why do your clients reach out to you?

Amy: People reach out to me because they are overwhelmed with their space and just don’t know where to begin. I help them create a more simplified way of living by organizing, eliminating, and creating a peaceful space that provides balance in their lives. I¬†have found that living an organized life, in a well-maintained home, eliminates internal chaos, leaving people feeling mentally and emotionally clearer – and ultimately, allowing more time to appreciate the people and things they love.

Julie: Any tips on staying organized during this unique time at home?

Amy: I believe in creating a flexible weekly schedule. You need structure in your day but also some flexibility. For example making your bed, opening your shades, scheduling your workouts, meal prep, and working. I do this by creating time blocks. For instance, cleaning the whole house at once can be overwhelming so I schedule it in blocks throughout the week. The task doesn’t seem as daunting if you break it up. I like using a digital calendar for myself but I find that kids really benefit from a visual calendar. A schedule is really important for creating a sense of normalcy for ourselves and the whole family during these unprecedented times.

Julie: What are your favorite bins for storing staples like flour, sugar, and snacks?

Amy: My favorite bins, baskets, and canisters are

Julie: What are your favorite containers for organizing kitchen utensils in drawers and silverware?

Amy: My favorites kitchen drawer tray is Bamboo Silverware tray and the iDesign Linus expandable cutlery organizer.

Julie: What are your favorite hangers, jewelry organizer, and drawer organizers for the closet?

Amy: I use so many different types of items but here are a few. There is no one size fits all so it depends on my clients space and needs.

It was a pleasure speaking with Amy I learned so much in our chat. Organization is an art and Amy is an expert! Amy shares her organizational tips and inspirational photos on her Instagram page @AmySuddelson.






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