I am definitely seeing an evolving trend, hybrid dresses that you can take from your bedroom, backyard, beach, or the streets. I’ve been highlighting many of them these past couple of months. One of my favorites is by Natalie Martin, and Forward just dropped several new styles that I listed below. 

  1. Natalie Martin Stevie Dress FRWD, $180. Vintage Turquoise Floral. 
  2. Natalie Martin Isobel Dress FRWD, $210. Wildflower Rose. 
  3. Natalie Martin Maggie Dress FRWD, $223. Wildflower Floral. 
  4. Natalie Martin Virginia Dress FRWD, $278. Solid white cotton dress.
  5. Natalie Martin Heath Dress FRWD, $298. Solid white button down dress. 
  6. Natalie Martin Melanie Dress FRWD, $328. Solid black silk. 
  7. Natalie Martin Marlien Maxi FRWD, $210. Wildflower Blue. 
  8. Natalie Martin Renata Shirt FRWD, $163 Vintage Turquoise Floral. 

Dress in the above picture is the Fiore Short Dress (sold out) and I’m wearing it with platform Vans


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