Roam Around

The return of the velour track suit was eminent with our new found casual lifestyle.

  1. Velour Shrunken Sweatshirt & Pant Set The Great, $324. Comes in red, washed white, & black. Above picture.
  2. Amo Velour Sweatshirt Shopbop, $165 & matching Sweatpant Shopbop, $180.
  3. Kondi Raglan Top Bandier,$129 & matching Pant Bandier,$129. On sale.
  4. Kondi Velour Jumpsuit Net-a-Porter,$495.
  5. Velour Hoodie J. Crew, $49 & matching Pant J. Crew, $49.
  6. Velour Sweatshirt H&M, $9.99 & matching Pant H&M, $12.99.

Los Angeles based brand Roam is making casual, chic, and comfortable slides. So many cute ones to choose from. I just picked up a pair!

  1. Roam Prism Faux Fur Slide Revolve, $130.
  2. Roam Prism Faux Fur Slide Grey Revolve, $130.
  3. Roam Super Puff Slide Cognac Shopbop, $134. Black color way here.
  4. Roam Calf Cross Slide Leopard Revolve, $144.
  5. Roam Fuzzy Slide White Shopbop, $121. Black color way here.
  6. Roam Mini Cloud Slide Black Shopbop, $130.

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