Weekend Wardrobe

Due to the shutdown in Los Angeles I’m spending a lot more time at home. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been wearing (all cozy & comfy).

  1. The Great Barracuda Sweatshirt. Also like this new one that just arrived at Nordstrom.
  2. The Great Solid Shrunken Sweatshirt.
  3. The Great Straight Leg Army Pant. On sale.
  4. Alo High Waist Lounge Legging. I don’t want to take these off, so soft!
  5. Alo 7/8 Soft Shelia Legging. Love these too.
  6. Spiritual Gangster Laguna Sweat Pant. On sale. Loose fitting sweat pant. Extra 25% off sale at shopbop. Shop the whole sale here.
  7. Golden Goose Sneakers
  8. Arizona Shearling Birkenstock. My house shoes.
  9. The Julesee Sweater I just alternate between all three colors.

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