J’Adore Se´zane

While scrolling through my IG feed I spotted fashion bloggers Julie Sarinana and Courtney Halverson both modeling several chic pieces from Sézane’s Fall collection. The collection is full of beautiful knits, suede mini skirts, and cute boots. Check it all out below.

  1. Gaspard Jumper Cardigan in the first picture.
  2. Billie Ankle Boots Boots in the first picture.
  3. Lucus Jumper Sweater in the second and third picture.
  4. Leandra Suede Skirt 2nd picture.
  5. Suede Bettie Skirt 3rd picture.
  6. Cable Jumper
  7. Jules Suede Ankle Boot
  8. Navy Eddy Peacoat with Shearling Collar
  9. Christy Blazer
  10. Stripe 1/4 Socks & Heart Socks

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