That’s Gucci

I love these two outfits that make-up artist and founder of Westman Atelier Gucci Westman posted on her IG feed. Gucci’s style is classic, elegant, and timeless. See below for some pieces from the above photos.

First Photo

  1. La Ligne Lean Lines Tee
  2. Gucci Jordaan Loafer A classic loafer.
  3. Saint Laurent Single Breasted Blazer look for less Veronica Beard Classic Jacket
  4. Toteme Distressed Jeans

Second Photo

  1. Saint Laurent Corduroy Blazer look for less by Nili Lotan, Mango, and Veronica Beard.
  2. Savette Symmetry Leather Shoulder Bag
  3. The Row Stockwell Cashmere Sweater look for less Uniqlo.
  4. Gucci Fringe Pump
  5. Veronica Beard High-rise Flare Jeans

You can check out her make-up line here.

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