Sneak Attack

Nike sneakers seem to be the current IT sneaker with Jordan drops selling out before you can even click buy. Here are some Nike Chic Sneaks I found in stock below.

  1. Nike Airmax Pre-Day Sneaker Multi Similar to above.
  2. Nike Fontanka Waffle Black with Neon
  3. Nike Air Max Pre-Day Black
  4. Nike Air Jordan 1 High Top
  5. Nike Airforce 1 Fontaka Multi Color
  6. Nike Blazer Jumbo High Top
  7. Nike Black Mid Blazer with Embellished Charm click here for white version.
  8. Nike Black Blazer Gold Swish
  9. Nike Airforce 1 Fontanka White with Neon

Above photo – Kule Sock & Cardigan

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