Pant Rant

When it’s 80 + degrees in LA like yesterday it’s hard to think about putting on a pair of jeans so I alway reach for a pair of my cotton chinos. Sharing some options for the up coming season below.

  1. J. Crew Kate Straight Leg Stretch Linen Above picture being worn by Olympia Gayot head of Women’s & Kids design at J. Crew.
  2. Nili Lotan East Hampton Pant Eggshell and Khaki
  3. Nili Lotan Cotton Dillon Pant Wide leg pleated.
  4. The Great Vintage Daisy Army Pant
  5. Apiece Apart Merida Pant
  6. Amo Sybil Military Pant
  7. Amo Claudette Wide Leg Chino
  8. Xirena Tucker Twill Pants
  9. Alex Mill Straight Utility Pant
  10. Veronica Beard Marley Pant
  11. Zara Loose Fit Pant
  12. Sezane Manu Pant

For all you Foundrae lovers Net-a-Porter just dropped the mini heart initial necklace (perfect Mother’s Day gift).

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