La DoubleJ

JJ Martin is an American journalist (formerly at Harper’s Bizarre) who relocated to Milan with a passion for all things vintage. She decided to write about her experiences as an expat in Milan and her content went viral. Her site became the ultimate Milan city guide. She started by selling vintage clothing and jewelry to then creating a full lifestyle brand. La DoubleJ consists of clothing, swim, shoes, and housewares. The line is full of colorful, bold, and happy prints. Sharing some items that I am currently loving and which most definitely should make it into your Summer wardrobe.

  1. La DoubleJ Peek-A-Boo Knotted Dress & Sandal Above picture.
  2. La DoubleJ Floral Print Poplin Dress
  3. La DoubleJ Honeybun Lily Print Poplin Mini
  4. La DoubleJ Edition 28 Painterly Floral Balloon Sleeve Dress
  5. La DoubleJ Big Daisy Tiered Maxi Skirt
  6. La DoubleJ Dessert Plates
  7. La DoubleJ Belted Terry Robe
  8. LaDoubleJ Muumuu Printed Silk Maxi
  9. La DoubleJ Wide Leg Silk Printed Pants
  10. La DoubleJ Printed Cotton Flare Pants
  11. La DoubleJ Silk Midi Kaftan
  12. La DoubleJ Good Butt Printed Shorts

To see more items from her line click here and housewares here.

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