Prada Please

NYFW kicked off this weekend and I couldn’t help but notice the Prada Mary Jane Pumps (1st picture) adorning many of the fashionistas flooding the streets along with the Prada Flou Tote bag (2nd picture), and white Prada Tank Top. Lastly, if you are still obsessing over Prada’s Summer IT bag the Raffia tote you can find it here.

A couple other things I wanted to share from the weekend.

  1. Gap Cotton Nautical Stripe Oversized Sweater restocked (ships in October)!
  2. My Current Spotify Playlist I keep adding to it.
  3. Zara Shoulder Pad T-Shirt Super cute tee I spotted on a friend over the weekend.
  4. Adidas Samba is the new IT sneaker (spotted on Kendall Jenner over the weekend). They are men’s sizing so size one full size down for women’s.

Have a great week everyone!

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