That’s Varley

Varley is a performance fashion brand founded in 2015 by Ben and Lara Mead. Born in Los Angeles and raised in London, Varley draws inspiration from both locales, designed for the confident multitasking women to go from fitness and leisure. It’s the perfect line for our new found casual lifestyle. To see the whole collection click here, some highlights below.

  1. Mentone Chunky Knit Cotton Pullover Love this sweater (above picture).
  2. Varley Earl Boxy Jacket
  3. Appelton Fleece Pullover
  4. Vine Pullover
  5. Cove Wrap Jacket
  6. Duray Pullover

My Miscellaneous Purchases of the week

Kitchen Aid Aqua Can Opener // iphone 12 Pro // Casetify Phone Case // CRZ Strappy Sports Bra // H & M Ruffle Trimmed Heart Sweater

For anyone who is searching for the tan/caramel shearling Arizona Birkenstocks Net-a-Porter has a full size run here. Lastly, I added several new styles into my Teen Shop here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend it’s going to be a warm one in LA!



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