Garden Party


  1. Zimmermann Corsair One-Shoulder Printed Silk Playsuit This beautiful silk playsuit has a flouncy boho feel to it. I love the red floral pattern.
  2. Gucci Printed Coated Canvas Wallet I like the classic Gucci logo with a floral motif to mix it up.
  3. Ulla Johnson Lillian Blouse I love this feminine yet subtle floral print on this 100% cotton Ulla top.
  4. Madewell x Veja Embroidered Daisy Sneaker These are a cute white sneaker with a daisy flower detail.
  5. Gucci Pursuit Pool Slide I love that the pattern placement varies on each shoe. The floral motif is inspired by Chinese landscapes depicted on 18th century tapestries and screens.
  6. Zara Contrasting Romantic Top I was just in Zara over the weekend, and they had so many great things. I will be doing an all Zara post later in the week with all my finds.
  7. Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Flower Diamond Stud Earrings  I love love love turquoise!!!
  8. Alice + Olivia Santos Tiered Cold Shoulder Dress  This dress feels so feminine and flowy. As the school year comes to a close there is definitely a need for dresses.
  9. Joie Chloris Printed Dress This reminds me of something you would wear on a trip to the French countryside. I love the bold and bright pattern on this dress.


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