Monday Mood



Summer weather is far from over in Los Angeles, and all I want to throw on are light weight cotton voile dresses. It seems to be the best way to beat the heat. In my search for new and fresh dresses, I came across Banjanan. Caroline Weller’s designs are inspired by the textiles and printing techniques found in the vibrant markets of India. Weller’s Jaipur-based brand, Banjanan (means bohemian wanderer in Hindi), is hand-stitched by skilled artisans into each and every piece. I picked up my first one a couple a weeks ago and I absolutely love it! See below for some of my favorite pieces.

  1. Lotus Ruffled Blouse $128 & Helena Ruffled Blouse $128
  2. Bulbul Dress $340
  3. Isabella Dress Blueprint Floral $245
  4. Molly Dress Flower Blossom $245
  5. Scarlet Dress Hot Color Print $485
  6. Capri Dress Jade Botanical $245
  7. Hyacinth Mini Dress $205
  8. Lotus Flower Discovery Skirt $215
  9. Leticia Dress Lotus Flower $260

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