Charlotte Stone @ ROW DTLA



I was lunching downtown at Bottega Louie and had some time to burn, so I decided to check out ROW DTLA. ROW DTLA is 32 acres of land sandwiched between the Arts District and the Industrial District. There are 6 beautiful historic buildings full of creative office space, coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques. Tartine is opening soon…can’t wait!!! Every Sunday is Smorgasburg a weekly Sunday market for food, shopping, and drinks. It’s quickly becoming one of the cities hippest districts, and I expect it to develop more in the coming years. Click here to learn more about this historic district.

While I was browsing the shops I stumbled upon the Charlotte Stone boutique. I have always been a fan of her chic stylish shoes. Charlotte Stone is a local designer who makes comfortable, vibrant, and practical footwear. I picked up an adorable pair of sandals that just so happened to be on sale!!! It’s worth a trip there to check out Charlotte’s first flagship store and stroll the historic grounds.

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