Stay at Home Dress

Comfy, casual, and loose fitting dresses are what constitutes the Stay at Home Dress. I’ve been cooking a ton, and I’m in out of the pool so I just throw on a loose fitting dress. Mine could use a bit of sprucing so below are some that I am considering. 

  1. SZ Blockprints Padra Eva Mini Dress Tuckernuck, $148. SZ Blockprints runs big.
  2. SZ Blockprints Kitty Dress Shopbop, $125. Dress in above picture.
  3. SZ Blockprints Tier Dress Shopbop, $148.
  4. Saffron Dress Mille, $212
  5. Apiece Apart Alta Dress Hampden Clothing, $395.
  6. Natalie Martin Fiore Maxi Dress Mother Denim, $280.
  7. Natalie Martin Jasmine Dress Mother Denim, $288.
  8. Xirena Rumer Dress Mother, $276.
  9. Gal Meet Glam Jasmine Dress Hamden Clothing, $198. Additional sizing here.


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